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Monday, September 7, 2009

Glogster, anyone?

Monday morning. Posters. Every pupil has a city and is to make a quick poster. No paper, but, hey, it's 2009. "Log onto Glogster, everyone and you can all make a Glog on your topic."

One pupil looks at me disdainfully. "I don't glog."


  1. "Not yet, anyway." Or?

    Did the glogs/glogsters (what is the right term for this?) turn out all right for the rest of them?

  2. Remember to use http://edu.glogster.com for a safer, more secure version of Glogster with virtual classroom option for up to 200 students, moderated by teachers. Good luck!

  3. Good tip from Andrew - much better for school use.

    I'm still unsure about Glogster as an educational tool. While you can embed Glogs easily, I havn't been able to embed much in them. Lack of Web 2-style content makes them seem a little dull.

    More importantly, Glogster seems to have trouble with accent marks and letters like 'æ', making it virtually useless for me.