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Friday, April 9, 2010

Does God exist?

…a post title a bit more in keeping with the blog’s title, perhaps. This blog is about belief, in the end, but it’s not always so obvious.

A little while back I was invited to the library at lunch to debate the existence of God. Amazing that at least 70 pupils showed up in their lunch break to hear such a debate. Here’s a answer to those who wonder if today’s youth are totally shallow.

Not quite satisfied with the debate. We should have agreed on more in advance, as my opponent’s approach was almost poetic and rather hard to attack. We only got going once the audience got involved, so we should have started with questions more quickly.


  1. You should perhaps have anticipated that? After all, arguing rationally for God's existence is practically futile. I would probably have expected a philosophical and ethical argument. Who won? :)

  2. Well, I had expected a more philosophical/ethical approach and tried for it. Can't really say anyone 'won' the debate.

  3. For which side did you argue?

    BTW, nice blog.