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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tablet PCs - What can you do with this?

I occaisonally get asked about these videos that I made about evaluation using the tablet PC, so here they are, rough and amateurish:

Oral Evaluation

Managing students' written submissions

More detail on correcting students' work with the tablet pen


  1. I'm rather impressed, Simon. This is very good, particularly for someone losing his faith!(Kidding) I liked the flow in your video, it was very clear. How did you post the videos on your blog? Did you hyperlink from a screenshot, or did you embed the video itself?

    Btw, I find your entire blog very interesting, an I've added it to my RSS-feed.

  2. Always amazed when someone leaves a comment, but (oddly enough) I find it particularly cool when people from Norway drop by here...

    This is done in really primitive fashion - the image in the blog is a screenshot (also using Jing) pasted in as a picture which then is made clickable with a hyperlink to the URL for the free storage site Jing hosts.

    Earlier, I've embedded some videos and I think I like that better, but only because it looks cooler.